SEA LIFE. Where your career goes swimmingly

Since 1979, SEA LIFE has taken each and every one of its visitors on a fascinating tour of freshwater and marine life. Seeing the magic of the deep up close makes for the most spectacular underwater experience there is. And it is still as popular as ever.

While our breathtaking displays are reason enough to visit, there's so much more to SEA LIFE. We educate the next generation and we play a huge part in the conservation of some of nature's most beautiful creations. But it takes outgoing guides, meticulous curators, dedicated management and the very best marine experts to make it the most wonderful day out.

Making the SEA LIFE experience come to life. You can help.

It's easy to forget where you are at SEA LIFE. With corridors shimmering in watery blue and curious creatures wherever you turn, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were on a different planet altogether. And that's what we want! If our visitors forget where they are when they are with us then we are a success.

But an experience like that doesn't happen by accident. At the front of house as well as behind the scenes you'll find experts in all sorts of disciplines, working hard to keep our animals and visitors safe and happy. That's the SEA LIFE bubble we've always tried to create. And it's where you could find the job most people only dream of.

With an ocean of opportunity at SEA LIFE, there's every chance we'll have something for you. But we don't like people who go with the tide - we want individual characters who strive for the best and aren't afraid to swim upstream to get it.

Working at SEA LIFE

Whilst you're looking after our people or our fish, we will look after you.

As rewarding as your job is you'll still want to know what we offer in our Rewards & Benefits package. And it'll be no surprise that we support our employees further with Training & Development programmes.

The roles can be more than just a drop in the ocean. There are many ways you can make waves at SEA LIFE, including permanent, temporary, head office and work experience roles.


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